I went to the facility early this week for a tour to place a family member and the staff was very welcoming. I met the administrator and was able to get the admission process started promptly. My loved one is doing great in rehab. Food looks and tastes good. Highly recommend this facility.

~ Maria V.

In April I was in a car accident which I fractured my collar bone and broke my femur it was a very hard time for me because I am 31 and not able to walk lost a lot of things but the staff at new Vista kept my spirits up the rehab got me back to walk in and it’s been very productive this place is amazing and I would like to personally say thank you the all the morning and night shift and to all the management as well It was great to have met and been around such great people thank you new Vista for everything.

~ Theo J.

My father was diagnosed with CNS Lymphoma and he had a very aggressive kind. He spent several weeks at various hospitals and with little hope for survival as the last hospital elected not to start his treatment. It was a very difficult moment for my entire family. The hospital wanted to discharge him but we had no suitable place for him to stay in. We were fortunate enough to place him at  New Vista.

When he first came to the facility, we were looking into the possibility of hospice care since he was very weak and there was no planned treatment for his cancer at that time. Fast forward a few days later, the nurses and Rehab staff kept pushing him, motivating him to try – and he sure did! He’s gained weight since and actively participating in Rehabilitation. He is up in his chair now and seems healthier. He got to a point where he became a lot stronger to undergo Chemotherapy at UCLA. I don’t think sending him home or elsewhere would have helped him regain some strength (physical, emotional and mental) to help him with his rounds of chemotherapy treatment. This place had plenty of staff filled with love and compassion which motivated him to fight for his life.

Thank you for turning him around New Vista staff! I hear he is not the first patient you’ve turned around and taken off hospice 🙂 Keep up the great work!

~ Grace K.

I came in this week from the East Coast to see my aunt and wanted to leave a review on the facility she’s currently at. She is there for short term therapy and our family couldn’t be happier. Dana invited me to join my aunt and other residents in bingo and we accepted. He’s so funny and the residents really seemed to enjoy being in the activities room. The building looks newly updated and definitely is what you’d expect in the Brentwood area in LA. The hallways were clean and the janitors were visibly cleaning the entire time I was there (I can’t stand dirty hospitals) so I was watching. The nurses were very nice and all introduced themselves to me with a smile when walking by us or upon entering my aunt’s room.

Keep up the good work New Vista!

~ Michelle L.

My grandmother stayed here and I must say I really felt like they were very patient-centered. The staff was very friendly and took care of all her needs. When I had questions about her care, they made sure to update me on her health status and kept me involved in her care. Highly recommend!

~ Myra H.

This facility is a very organized and professional skilled nursing environment. The medical team and the nurses do their utmost to deliver great care and customer service for their patients. Highly recommended. Thanks for all you do for the community and for taking care of my loved one.

~ Avenia N.

First, there are not enough sub-acute facilities available for those in need. My father has been at New Vista Post Acute for over a year and our family has decided to take him home. Not because of the care he has received, because the staff we have built a relationship and are caring and professional. We worked as a team and I told them straight off our family is pro-active in my father’s recovery. I would go for yourself and check out any facility you choose to talk to the patients if you can and the loved ones that visit them they can tell you if they like the care. My father started on a ventilator 24 hours a day now he is ventilator-free 18 hours.

~ Paula G.

My sister who underwent quadruple heart bypass surgery was here for a month or more.  The staff was very friendly, attentive and caring.  The place is clean with no odors, which is a pet peeve of mine.  I loathe going into nursing homes with odors! Due to my sister’s needs, she’s requiring additional post-acute care, and I’m hoping they have room for her. New Vista is the place to be for post-acute care.

~ Melynda S.